10 Things your guests really care about

It’s easy to forget the things which matter the most to your guests. Often, it’s not the decoration or favours but these 10 items below…

Timings and directions

Imagine each guest texting you to ask what time the ceremony is or where the nearest accommodation is, sounds pretty annoying doesn’t it when you’re already juggling a million and one items on your to do list. So be clear on your invites, include all the important information such as times of the ceremony and reception – your guests will want to know when to pre-book their taxis for at the end of the evening, different accommodation options in the local area. You could also include a map and pinpoint the ceremony and reception locations as well as places to park and transport links, it may take a little extra time, but your guests will really appreciate it.

Menu options

Your guests will always enjoy the food you have chosen to serve on your wedding day, but there are a couple of things to think about which will go along way to ensuring they are all fully fuelled and ready to continue the celebrations until the early hours!

Running order

Have you ever been enjoying yourself at a wedding but thought to yourself ‘what’s going to happen next’? There’s a really easy way to stop your guests having this thought. Produce a running order of the day, let them know what time the food will be served, and the entertainment starts, this way they won’t miss a thing! Couples are opting to write the timings of their day on wooden signs or chalkboards, which are displayed around the wedding venue.

A thought for the children

If you have chosen to invite children to your wedding, it’s a wise idea to give a little thought to about how they will be entertained during the day (and your guests will really appreciate this). You don’t need to go all out and provide a childminding service at an extra cost to yourselves, but a little extra effort on your part to provide small activity packs to keep them quiet will go a long way, and on the day, you’ll be pleased you thought of something to keep them busy.

Thank yous

There’s a pretty high chance some of your guests will have travelled to be there on your special day, and this shouldn’t go without a thank you. Family members, your bridal party and other friends who have helped with crucial wedding tasks can all be thanked in the speeches, and often couples choose to present a small gift to each of these as a token of their appreciation. Sending thank you cards afterwards is always a nice touch and a must if you received a gift too.

Investing in drinks

Guests won’t be expecting a free bar, but it’s always nice to have drinks free flowing during your drink’s reception. Most guests would prefer you to provide an extra drink rather than a favour!

Fun speeches

Speeches should be heartfelt and hilarious, no one likes to sit through speeches which ramble on. Speeches should be kept to 20 minutes or under so not to bore guests. You could even leave games on the tables to make it more exciting such as ‘guess the timings’ and encourage guests to put a £1 stake in!

Plentiful feasting

Most weddings follow the rule of canapés during the drink’s reception followed by a wedding breakfast. But most weddings forget that after lots of drinks and dancing, guests need some well thought out late-night snacks! My best advice is to think of options which are easy and quick to eat. Wood fired pizza ovens are so easy to eat and if you choose one which comes in a nice van, they can look very cool in your photos too!

Where to stay

Guests may not be local to your wedding venue and will want to know where to stay. Do your research and provide a list of accommodation offers, which will suit all different budgets too! It will save you an endless stream of messages asking where guests can stay.

The exit

When designing your invitations, remember to pop down the finish time so guests can arrange their transport home. Taxis can sometimes be hard to book at the end of the night, so I’d always advise your guests to pre-book them beforehand.

Sarah x