12 Top Tips to panic proof your wedding

You spend months planning your wedding day, you put all your hopes and dreams into this one very special day as it is one which you will remember for the rest of your lives.

The whole planning process provides wonderful memories long before the day itself, picking the rings, choosing your wedding breakfast menu and trying on dresses with the girls and suits with the boys. This is an exciting time for all involved, so remember to enjoy it and give yourselves enough time to work through the to do lists.

  1. Try to avoid asking family or friends to provide a service for you, such as stationery, cakes, catering and official photography. Using family and friends might seem like a great idea, but it can create an awkward situation if they do not share your vision or if you are not happy with the end results. It’s often far easier to expect perfection from someone who is being paid to do a job rather than aunt Betty who likes to make cakes.
  2. Keep away from heavy cake toppers or having too many tiers. Although these look great and would provide an eye-catching statement, they can make your cake unstable. Wedding cakes often have to be moved between your wedding breakfast and evening reception so this is something which is worth bearing in mind. I’m a huge fan of personalised cake toppers, but they are extremely delicate and need to be handled with care. It’s also a wise idea to confirm the size of your top tier before ordering these, so your cake topper fits perfectly.
  3. Avoid having children under three in your wedding party. Children younger than this can often be unpredictable in new situations and the last thing you need on the morning of your wedding is a toddler tantrum! If you do have children under three in your bridal party, pair them with one of your older bridesmaids to help them feel more comfortable.
  4. Always attend your bridesmaids dress fittings with them. This ensures the dresses are just how you want them and not too tight or too short. It’s also a wonderful way to double check the shoes and accessories you have chosen all match the dresses.
  5. Ensure all your suppliers know exactly what your requirements are. Make sure you are clear about what you do and don’t want on your wedding day (e.g. no heavy metal songs but lots of cheesy 90’s pop, more causal photographs instead of too many staged photographs or even things such as there must be lots of Prosecco on ice). If you don’t tell your suppliers, they won’t know!
  6. Protect your wedding dress. If it’s badly winkled never iron it or try to fix anything else which may have happened to it. Contact the bridal shop as soon as possible as they are the experts. Remember not to eat, drink or smoke once wearing your gown (until after your ceremony of course). Stay away from pets and make sure your make up is applied before stepping into your gown.
  7. During your dress fitting, take time to practice putting your dress on and walking around so you can get used to wearing it. You need to get a feel for how the dress moves. It might look easy to walk in wedding dresses but it does needs some practice.
  8. Have a couple of pretend rings which you can tie to the ring cushion, for the Paige boy to carry down the aisle. I’d give the real rings to the Best Man to look after just to avoid any accidents which could happen if they were fastened to the ring cushion.
  9. Make sure your bridesmaids arrive early to get ready. This will help to avoid any delays when the photographer arrives and wants to start snapping your bridal preparations, not to mention calming your nerves!
  10. Contact your suppliers a week before to reconfirm your requirements. Ask them to confirm the date, time and location of your wedding, as well as confirming the services they will be providing. Make a list of all your suppliers and hand this to your Best Man, who will be able to make a quick phone call just in case their running late.
  11. Pack an emergency bag to leave at your wedding venue. I would include a needle and thread, safety pins, plasters, hair pins, hair brush and hair spray, mints, baby wipes, lip balm, nail file and tissues.
  12. Assign someone to take care of the last-minute details such as taking phone calls and running errands while the bridal party are getting ready.

If something does happen to go wrong, don’t panic. You’ll probably be the only one who notices, after all you won’t have told your guests every detail. Don’t let the little things ruin your special day. Always keep a sense of humour and remember that I’m here to help!