Choosing your wedding date

The most popular date for a wedding is a Saturday during the summer, and as you can imagine, these are the dates which are first to go (and often the most expensive). Venues tend to book up very quickly for these dates, so if your heart is set on a summer wedding, you may need to be prepared to wait a couple of years.

There are both pros and cons for any day of the week, some of which I’ll outline below.


  • By far, the most popular day, and the most convenient for friends and family as they are likely to be off from work
  • Your reception will last longer into the evening resulting in a much more relaxed reception
  • Dates often book up fast and are usually the most expensive


  • Likely to get a discount, making it less expensive than a Saturday
  • More choice of date, as they are not as popular as Saturday’s
  • You might have difficulty organising a church wedding
  • Guests may have work the next day which could impact on your evening reception


  • Venues and suppliers have more availability during the week
  • Often mid-week discounts are applied
  • Guests would need to take time off work
  • After a long day at work, evening guests may not have as much fun during your evening reception


  • Guests usually have the weekend off, meaning they can stay later for your evening reception
  • Some venues and suppliers may offer a Friday discount
  • Guests will need to take time off work

There are also other benefits to having an out-of-season wedding, which are listed below.