Newly engaged? Here’s what to do next

The festive season is fast approaching and with this, there’s always a flurry of festive and New Year engagements!

So, the big question’s been asked, and you’ve said yes, but what do you do next, where do you start?

Make the official announcement.

Your nearest and dearest will always appreciate receiving a call from you, especially with this great news, but is it really possible to call everyone in your phone book? Many couples are now creating new and exciting images to make an announcement on social media, and in previous years a formal announcement in a newspaper was the chosen way to announce the news.
Get the ring re-sized (if needed)

You’ve just been given the most breath-taking ring and you’re proudly showing it to the world, but it is important to have it re-sized if needed, after-all you don’t want it to slide off your finger and be lost. It’s probably best to look into insurance too!

  1. Don’t set the date

    It’s very tempting to set your heart on a particular date which may mean something to you both, whilst still in the newly engaged bubble. But you need to be realistic and consider a few details first, to avoid disappointment. Firstly, look at your spare time – will you have enough time available to fit in all the wedding planning if you choose just a few months away. Also, if booking less than 12 months before your chosen wedding venue may have limited dates available and you would need to be flexible if you wanted that venue.

  2. Create your guest list

    This is the most logical place to start when planning your wedding. It will help you set a budget and rule out any wedding venues which might be too small (or too big) for your numbers. It’s easy to include 2nd cousins who you haven’t seen for 5 years, but do they really need to be included?

  3. Set a budget

    Probably the most daunting task. Where do you start, what do you include, how much money should you be setting aside? Its useful to decide on the areas which are important to you both, and those which aren’t so much. This will help work out what your overall budget should be. It’s also worth incorporating an emergency fund, just in case there’s anything you miss.

  4. Hire a planner

    Arguably, one of the most important items to include in your budget considerations is the hire of a wedding planner. They are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as they are able to take the stress away of wedding planning. They can offer their help and advice and save you a lot of time overall.

  5. Enjoy your engagement

    There are many activities which you can turn into fun, enjoyable times. Why not take your best friend to your local bridal fair, or combine wedding dress shopping with a girl’s lunch afterwards? Not everything has to be stressful and the more you make it enjoyable for all involved, the more your bridal party will be likely to help.

Sarah x