Roles and Duties of Bridesmaids

Just like the bride, you’ve been asked an important question and you’ve said yes! But now you have started to wonder what is actually expected of you? The wedding may seem a long time away, but you are wondering what will be expected of you between now and the big day. Basically, it’s all about supporting your friend, from wedding dress shopping to planning the hen party and of course offering invaluable moral support. Below, I’ll explain the key elements which make up this important role in your friends’ life.

Plan the hen party

Technically the maid of honour is in charge of planning the hen party, but you will be expected to bring ideas and suggestions to the table too. Remember, this is all about the bride and what she wants so even if it’s not really your thing, you may just have to go along with it.

Pay for bridesmaid paraphernalia

Your dress, accessories, hen party and the wedding itself… the costs can quickly add up. Many hen parties now take place over a weekend, and some are even a surprise for the bride, meaning costs are shared between the hens. Something to consider before you get too carried away.

Attend the engagement party and rehearsals

It goes without saying, as a bridesmaid you will be expected to attend all pre-wedding events – dress shopping, hen party and rehearsal dinner just to name a few. Not to mention your time for those general crisis meetings!

Don’t forget to be prepared on the big day

Have an emergency kit handy on the day containing plasters and paracetamols just in case. It’s always wise to have some tissues at the ready for those happy tears too!

Take on a supporting role on the day

It’s a given that those pre-wedding nerves will make an appearance so be prepared with nostalgic stories to help calm the bride. Make sure her dress looks on point just before she walks down the aisle and hold her flowers for her during the ceremony.

Be the life and soul of the reception

Make sure everyone is where they should be at the right time, and more importantly that they are having a good time. Then there’s the bonding moment of holding the bride’s dress up while she goes to the loo. But after all of this you’ve earnt your glass of champagne and can hit the dancefloor!

The day after

We all know the saying ‘what goes up must come down’ and this is true the day after the wedding. Sore head or not you will be expected to help tidy up the wedding venue. So, pop on your favourite playlist and flash your best smile, the happy couple will really appreciate the help.

Sarah x