The 2019 wedding trends you need to know

2018 certainly felt like the year of weddings, with not one but two royal weddings. These brought with them a whole lot of hype and more options and ideas then ever before. With this in mind, we’re looking ahead to the 2019 trends which will be sure to make your big day extra special.

  1. Simple and classic wedding dresses are back

    Classic designs and simple styles are making a come back for 2019, thanks to Megan Markle and her striking yet simple bracelet-sleeved, bateau-necked ceremony gown and halter neck reception dress. Tailoring is key to this style as is finding the right silhouette to suit your shape.

  2. Bringing the outdoors in

    Greenery will continue to be the go-to shade for 2019, with floral designs becoming much more organic. Foliage will take centre stage throughout and floral designs will be much more natural, whimsical and romantic.

  3. Opulent wedding cakes

    Last year we saw a lot of amazing wedding cakes, but the royal weddings are likely to inspire couples to make much more opulent choices. Personalised monograms and regal piping are sure to feature on your wish list this year. We also expect to see an array of textures such as rippled icing, decorative finishes and show-stopping sugar flowers.

  4. Three-piece suits for grooms

    Grooms are returning to their finest three-piece suits this year after years of wedding trainers and loose-fitting shirts. This year’s suits will be sharper than ever, and a trend I for one am happy to see return!

  5. Eco-conscious and ethical weddings

    This was an important factor in prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding and will be equally important for many of this year’s couples. From foam-free flower installations to wedding cakes made of locally sourced ingredients, the options for the eco-conscious couple are rising.

  6. Scenting your wedding

    Candles have always been a firm favourite for creating a romantic atmosphere, and now this is being stepped up another level as couples are choosing scented candles to fill their venue with their favourite scent. This can really transform a weddings ambiance, and creates a memory which can be enjoyed and reminisced over at home for many years to come.

  7. Illustrated invitations

    Wedding invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding theme and are one of the few forms of mail we still receive nowadays. Couples are choosing to commission their own hand-illustrated designs, which usually incorporate their chosen wedding venue.

  8. Banquet tables with low florals

    We’re seeing more and more couples swapping the traditional round tables with tall centrepieces for long banquet tables with rows of low floral designs. Guests can see each other, and it makes for wonderful photos – win win!

  9. The rise of bridesmen and groomsgirls

    2018 saw more and more couples choose their nearest and dearest, regardless of gender, to play a part in their big day. Bridesmen, groomsgirls, flower grandmas, and best women will all be seen a lot more this year. Traditional wedding roles are now seen more as a guide than a rule nowadays.

  10. Alternative engagement rings

    Alternative engagement rings are growing in popularity proving not all girls want diamonds! Both opal engagement rings and coloured stones will continue to grow in popularly throughout 2019.

  11. Grazing tables

    Food trends are becoming increasingly more relaxed and 2019 will see traditional canapes being left behind with grazing tables leading the way. Usually featuring cheese, meats and fruits, they are presented like a work of art and ensure your guests will never go hungry.

  12. Grasses

    A different interpretation of the bringing the outdoors in trend, is to use grasses instead of foliage to decorate your wedding. This works well if you have a neutral colour scheme, or if you are creating an updated bohemian aesthetic, then pampas grass is incredibly romantic when used to decorate arches and aisles.

Whether you choose to follow any of these trends, or if you branch out and create your own, we’re sure your big day will be perfect!

Sarah x