The true cost of attending a wedding

It’s always exciting when a wedding invitation arrives in the post, it’s the very first indication of the theme and gives you an idea of what to expect from the day. It starts the conversation between the happy couple and their guests and builds anticipation for the big day!

Once the excitement dies down, you often start to think about the logistics, the outfits, the gifts, transport and even hotel accommodation which can all add up to a hefty sum if you’re not careful.

M&S Bank have recently conducted a research study which reveals almost half of us Brits will attend up to three weddings a year, which could end up costing around £800.00 per guest. Research also shows four in ten Brits say they have spent more than they had expected when attending a wedding, with the average cost for each guest totalling more than £266.00.

Research found, buying a gift was one of the most expensive elements of attending a wedding with an average of £79.00 spent on these, with guests admitting to spending more on their best friends than siblings. However, on average the minimum people expect to spend on a wedding gift is far less than you might imagine, at just £25.52, so maybe you don’t need to spend as much as you think.

Another great expense are the outfits. Guests are likely to spend £80.00 on a new dress or suit and just under £40.00 on shoes. Close family members including mothers of the happy couple are likely to reach £300.00 on their outfits, including £100.00 on a new dress, £51.00 on shoes and £100.00 on jewellery, hats, fascinators and other accessories.

This latest research also shows a third of Brits have spent more than they had expected to at a wedding, including additional expenses such as hotel accommodation, travel costs and bar prices. To combat this, Friday weddings have become three times as popular as they were a decade ago, as this can allow guests to access discounted accommodation rates at most hotels.

However, the privilege of attending a wedding far outweighs the cost for most of us, but it’s something to bear in mind when asking your guests to travel from afar.

Sarah x