What to do with your wedding dress

You’ve had an absolute ball in your perfect dress. It’s been hanging in your wardrobe so you can admire it until your heart is content. But now, the buzz is fading away and quite frankly it’s taking up space. But, the hardest decision you must make, is just what to do with it!

Here are just a few suggestions which might help you make your final decision.

Donate It

It’s always nice to think you are helping someone in their time of need and this is one way that you could.
You could donate your dress to a local charity shop, who will in turn sell it in their charity shop.
You could donate it to a specialised wedding charity such as The Gift of a Wedding, who organise weddings for those who are terminal ill.
Or finally you could donate it to a charity who will transform it into gowns for stillborn babies.

These are not only deeply touching acts, but also a fantastic way to re-use your wedding dress.

Gift It

Many brides decide to turn their wedding dress into a christening gown for their children, which is a lovely way to re-use your wedding dress.
Many also, pass their wedding dress onto a family member such as a daughter or niece. I’ve often seen brides wearing dresses which have been passed down through many generations of their families, and with just a few alterations they can be made into the perfect dress for the newest bride!

Sell It

Wedding dresses can cost thousands of pounds, and considering they are only worn once, there is a high demand for second-hand dresses. This is a wonderful way to get some of your money back and certainly gives you the pleasure of knowing you have helped to make someone else’s day.

Store It

Just like precious jewellery and your baby’s first shoes, your wedding dress is nice to keep. It can be dry cleaned and boxed at many wedding dress boutiques, and then simply slipped into your wardrobe or under your bed for safe keeping.

Whether you decide to part with your dress or not, I’m sure you will make the right choice for you.