Why wedding insurance is important

One of our biggest aims here at Gisburne Park Estate is to offer every couple a stress and worry-free wedding. It’s hard to avoid pre-wedding jitters, but you can avoid additional pressures by taking out wedding insurance.
This may be something which you have considered, or it may be something which has never crossed your mind, but my biggest piece of advice is to take out wedding insurance (it’s that important, we insist on it during the booking process). You never know what might happen, before, during or after your wedding, so put your mind at ease and insure your big day.

With all the best will (and planning) in the world, sometimes mishaps do happen – your insurance will cover you. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your lives, often costing more than a holiday. You wouldn’t go on holiday without insurance, so why wouldn’t you insure your wedding day?

All insurance is unique to the individual taking out the policy, and wedding insurance is no different. It is tailored to you and your needs, but it will always cover three main areas:


When you book your wedding, you commit to your chosen date, but sometimes certain circumstances change, and your wedding must be rescheduled, your wedding insurance can cover this.
Some of these circumstances include:


In the mist of a wedding, things can easily be missed. It’s really hard for the venues clean up team to decide what belongs to you and what belongs to your different suppliers, and occasionally some items of your décor can go home with the wrong person, but wedding insurance can cover this.

Sometimes, more upsetting things happen and personal items such as wedding bands and gifts could be misplaced.

However, your wedding insurance can cover this too.


Often, couples take out insurance to be reimbursed should the need arise. Certain situations result in this such as:

I really don’t mean to scare you, but things do happen and it’s always best to be prepared should anything out of your control happen. Wedding insurance can be purchased online, and I would highly recommend comparing a couple of policies to ensure you are taking out the best one for your needs.

Sarah x